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Going Rawr

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Yet again and again, you do not appear to be getting to perfect life that you desired? You suffer through failed promise after failed promise? I understand your pain because I was once in your shoes! I am sure you already know that getting these kinds of products is probably the quickest, easiest, and lowest priced ways to solve your problem. Going Rawr is made for people just like you! From: Maggie Rhines Re: How You Can Get Your Dog to Live Longer and Healthier Lives when You Put Them On A Raw Food Diet. Dear Fellow Dog Owner, If you’ve ever wondered about how to get your dog started on a raw food diet but think that: It’s too expensive. It’s too time consuming. My dog could get parasites and food poisoning from eating raw food. Fortified commercial dog food is a complete source of food for my dog anyway. Then this letter will change your life! Did You Know That Commercial Dog Food Is The WORST Possible Diet You Can Give Your Dog? If your dog is still on a commercial food diet, you need to switch your dog immediately. The dangers associated with a commercial dog food diet is overwhelming – from immediate effects like a dull coat and foul smelling dog’s breath, to longer term effects like increasing the risk for canine cancers and a shorter life span. And that’s the sad truth that the commercial pet food companies don’t want you to know. The amount of processing and additives that go into the preparation of the commercial dog food contain chemicals that are not optimal for your dog and may even make them sickly and die early. Just consider how commercial pet food: are almost always fortified with vitamins and minerals causes dogs to be prone to ticks and dull coat causes dogs to have bad-smelling doggie breath makes use of grains as one of the ingredients, even if grains are not safe for dog consumption are full of artificial flavorings and colorings to make the food more attractive to dogs, but are not that good for their health makes use of meat by-products or meats that have failed to meet the standards for human consumption (i.e. lower quality meats) is NOT the best food for your dog, as a lot of the companies claim them to be. In the past years, several recalls of commercial pet food have been made after they have been found to be substandard, even harmful, to the health of our dogs. Raw Food Diet – Not Only Is It More Natural For Your Dog, It’s Also The Best Diet Designed To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Free From Illness Why Is The Raw Food Diet the best for your dog? This is the diet that their bodies are best suited for. Long before commercial pet food, dogs were thriving on a diet that is free from cooking and other artificial processes.  Eating a diet that they are optimally built for will mean that they digest it better and get more energy and nutrients from those types of food. A raw food diet provides dogs will their nutritional requirements in the right proportions, without the need for supplements and vitamins. Unprocessed raw meat, fruits and vegetables contain the right amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients that dogs need to thrive. These components are not only present in the right proportions, but are also in the form that are easily digestible by their bodies. Dogs on a raw food diet are healthier compared to dogs fed other diets – especially those on a commercial dog food diet. Dogs on a raw food diet have very shiny coat without needing special coat care products. They also smells better! No doggie breath. No doggie body odor. Dogs on a raw food diet have a good weight and body figure – neither too fat nor too thin. They are also more active and energetic. The cooking that dog food undergoes is potentially cancerous for dogs. Cooking changes the properties of food. Not only are precious vitamins and minerals lost in cooking, but the cooking of food can cause carcinogens in your dog’s body. That’s why giving your dogs table scraps is not recommended for their daily meals. What’s good for humans is not always well-tolerated by a dog’s body. With the raw food diet, you can make sure that good quality food is always available for your dog. With the raw food diet, you can be sure of the quality of food that your dog gets, because you prepare them yourself. You can be certain that the meats and other protein sources you give your dog are not just the by-products (which is what commercial dog food uses) but are the parts that your dog will benefit from the most. You can lessen the possibility of food contamination, parasites and bacteria when your dog is on a raw food diet. All types of food are prone to contamination. But with a raw food diet, you will be able to control the source of the food and how you will store it, allowing you to lessen the chances of your dog getting sick from the food it gets. Putting Your Dog on a Raw Food Diet Can Save You $$$ – And Your Dog’s Life! When your dog is getting the best possible food for him to receive all of the nutrients he needs, your dog will be healthier and will be more resistant to diseases and infections. This means you actually save on vet visits, supplements and medicines. They’ll also live longer and be healthy even in old age. The time you spend preparing your dog’s food can be managed so you don’t have to do it every day. Preparing your dog’s food can be very time consuming, but with the correct system in place, you’ll learn how to buy and prepare raw food in batches, so you don’t need to do it everyday. This system not only saves you time, but will also guarantee that you keep the risk of food contamination as low as possible. You’ll learn how to put this system into action and so much more when you…. Get This Step-By-Step Guide On How You Can Start Your Puppy or Your Dog On A Raw Food Diet. This book is probably the most important investment you can make for your dog’s health and longevity. Just imagine the benefits of having a healthy dog on a raw food diet: fewer sick days faster recovery from illnesses more energy for activities they enjoy an overall healthier, happier pet with a playful disposition savings and less stress from fewer visits to the vet less risk of being exposed to canine allergens less risk of being exposed to contaminated and tainted food no need to buy expensive supplements more time to enjoy your pet naturally clean smelling dog (no dog’s breath, no distinctive doggie odor) savings on chemical products designed to keep their coats healthy and free from parasites your dog gets good quality food – and not just by products. And if you’ve ever wondered how to switch your dog – whether they’re puppies, adult dogs, pregnant dogs, aged dogs, sick dogs, underweight dogs or obese dogs, wonder no more! Introducing:

It is such program that can free you from your present life for a lifetime. It will give you the opportunity of changing your life better! You’ll find how easy and useful it is!

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www.DeliciousDogDiet.com launched at 2011-2-25, we analyzed it last week. It have a very low refund rate and it works on almost all of the consumers. Low refund rate shows that Going Rawr isn’t a scam but a honest product. In addition, this system include 8 weeks no question asked money back guarantee! This means you could get all your money back in following 60 days if you were unhappy with www.DeliciousDogDiet.com. There are 716 consumers rating this program. 88.6% of users said that this program is powerful, just a few users not satisfied with it.

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In fact, we’ve been using Going Rawr. Because we need to test it to write a unbiased reviews. According to our reports, we find that www.DeliciousDogDiet.com could work well as it claimed. It will solve your problems and deliver you pleased results easily and quickly.

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Positive aspects:

1. It really is such program that has high quality, and it can work efficiently!

2. Excellent price.

3. Really swiftly transport.

4. Perform at the Own speed from wherever in the planet, at any time you like and the way you want.


For this highly effective system, you might think this is a little expensive for you to obtain, but you’ll undoubtedly see that it worth your hard earned money and trust!

Author’s Guarantee:

The Package Offer Money Back Refund. From this book, you will learn: The pros and cons of various dog feeding models and why the raw food diet is the best diet for your canine buddy. Step by step instructions on how to ease your puppy or adult dog to a raw food diet – regardless of their current health, age or stage in life. Find out what the 26 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients your dogs require to achieve optimum health. Identify the food that meets the essential nutrient requirements that your dog needs. Identify food that your dog should avoid – allergenic foods and potentially fatal foods. Learn why your dog needs fruits and vegetables, too. Signs to watch out for to know if your dog is suffering from a nutrient deficiency or a nutrient toxicity (if they had too much of a vitamin or a mineral) Find out exactly how the raw dog food diet fares when it comes to meeting your dog’s daily nutritional requirement. Calculate exactly how much of each type of food your dog needs – whether he’s a big dog or a toy dog. Find out how much your dog should be eating if they are overweight, underweight, obese or pregnant. Learn the top 2 methods for transitioning healthy adult dogs to a Raw Dog Food Diet. Get tips on how to wean puppies to a Raw Dog Food Diet. Recipes on what a typical meal for puppies included to help you get started! How to tell when your puppies are ready to start on solid food! Access our Puppy Feeding Schedule – so you’ll know exactly what food to prepare for your puppy during the weaning stage. How to introduce solids to puppies so you’ll be able to identify any potential food allergies in your puppies. Find out what the NUMBER 1 most important key to success in puppy Raw Food meals and discover how you can meet this requirement. Decide whether to detoxify your dog before or after starting them on a raw food diet. If you’re dog is a picky eater or is having a hard time getting used to a raw food diet, I’ve devoted a chapter on enticing picky eaters. You’ll definitely find something that will work for your pet! Advice and tips on how to make the diet switch easy for your dog. The tools you need to get started on a raw food diet and how to use equipment that you already own. How and Where to shop for meats, fruits and vegetables for your dog. Tips on buying different kinds of meat like beef, pork, poultry and game so you always get the best and freshest kind for your dog and avoid parasites and bacterial contamination. Tips on buying fresh produce to get the best deals – so you save money and avoid tainted food at the same time. Tips on how to handle, store and prepare your dog’s food to prevent contamination Special raw food diets for pregnant dogs. Special raw food diets for ill dogs afflicted with canine cancer and arthritis Special raw food diets for puppies Special raw food diets for old dogs Why your dog will not need vitamins and supplements if they are on a raw food diet And If you still wish to supplement (special dog requirements due to pregnancy, old age, or illness), get a guide to supplementing your dog using herbs and natural supplements The role of treats when your dog is a raw food diet.

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